Thrusta Mats (Pair).
Thrusta Mats (Pair).
Thrusta Mats (Pair).
Thrusta Mats (Pair).
Thrusta Mats (Pair).
Thrusta Mats (Pair).
Thrusta Mats (Pair).

Thrusta Mats (Pair).

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Ever find Hip Thrusts uncomfortable and hard to set up?

Difficulty getting under the bar when you have a pad around the bar?

Want to be able to drop the weights at home or in the gym without damaging them?

We have sorted your problems. Our 50mm ThrustaMats make all these things possible with minimal fuss or equipment.

Multiple uses include:

- Hip Thrusts to increase ease on getting under the bar especially at heavy load.

- Decline squats better than your ordinary wedge or off the edge of a plate as it allows good foot contact throughout the range and can be individualised for each foot (externally rotated etc)

- Deficit deadlifts; put the two together to create a solid lifting platform to start the bar 50mm below your feet.

- Deficit calf raises; the angled ramp is a perfect spot to increase the rage of motion of your calf exercises to make them much more effective.

- Decreased ROM deadlifts start with the bar elevated 50mm to regress your range of motion. The ramp makes getting a heavy bar to an elevated starting point much easier.

- Handstand pushups to decrease compressive Loads on wrist joint.

Comes in a set of 2.

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